Goodnight Succubus is a top-down RPG: Choose from different weapons to defeat enemies, uncover secret areas, beat dungeons to progress the story, complete side quests for loot and items, search for treasure by fishing, mining, excavation, and so much more!

Want a sneak peak at the story? Here you are:

A young succubus who despises all types of violence, trickery, and deceit, adventures off in search of an ancient artifact. An artifact, that will allow her to live on without the need for lust, without the need to trick, drain, and kill humans to survive.

Upon coming close to her goal, she collapsed due to overexertion and starvation. The poor succubus then began to fade away, until, she was discovered by a human.

This, is where the beginning of the story partakes. The human, sheltering the weakened succubus in the midst of his own home, continues her journey.

I'm afraid you will have to play the game to experience the rest of the story! If you would like to keep up with updates on the project, don't hesitate to check us out at on any of our social media platforms.