Climb. Fall. Climb back again.

Persevere to climb from the deepest parts of The Cursed Mines to the Queen's Castle in the Sky.

Gondola's Adventure is a procedurally generated precision platformer featuring 5 different difficulties which allows for re-playability.
  • Casual - Suitable for players unfamiliar or new to the game genre. Unlimited number of lives where the player can respawn at checkpoints set throughout the game. Each jump is partially projected with a trajectory. The fastest way to complete the story mode.
  • Normal - Similar to the Casual difficulty, but without the jump trajectory, making it slightly more difficult.
  • Classic - The standard difficulty in the genre: no checkpoints or life/respawn system. One mistake can cost most of your progression.
  • Hard - Suitable for players seeking a challenge. Can you complete the story mode with only three lives?
  • Hardcore - A challenge difficulty for the best of the best. Attempt to complete the story mode without once falling to your surmise.

The procedural generation allows for over 900 million different level variations. As such, if one desires to master the game, it is not enough to simply memorize the jumps in one level, but rather to learn the underlying mechanic. Whether to play the same generated level each new game or to generate one at random is up to you.

For competitive players and speedrunners, each difficulty features it's own leaderboard ranked on the fastest completions. Each difficulty are also split into fixed-seed and random-seed categories.