Gloom is an ancient wraith trying to earn his way into Heaven by killing demons for an exploitative angel. Wynona is a depressed young girl who is convinced she is the Doom-Bringer that will end the world.

His final task is to kill her, and she's trying to die. But here's the catch: She's unkillable. Gloom and Wynona will have to deal with the agents of both Heaven and Hell if they are going to discover their destinies and escape from their empty lives.

And then there's the big dilemma: Save the world from a demon apocalypse, or save her soul?Nod your head if you like:
  • 90s outcast movies:
    The type of moody characters and isolated urban environments reminiscent of your favorite scenes from The Crow, Reality Bites, Edward Scissorhands, and Before Sunrise.
  • A dark coming-of-age tale about a young girl and her ghostly guardian:
    The two main characters are stuck in a repetitive cycle of frustration and loneliness, not knowing what they're meant to do. But together they'll inspire each other to push for change, kill a few demons... and maybe destroy the world.
  • A quirky cast of characters:
    Banter with unique characters like a skateboarding angel, a demon girl-next-door best friend, and the least humane humans around.
  • Scratchy hand-drawn visuals:
    Original artwork in the style of 90s spandex superhero comics.
  • 6 endings to uncover:
    You could save the girl, earn a place in Heaven, or cause the end of the world. Subtle and in-your-face choices throughout the game affect the sets of endings possible when you reach the final act.