About 'GLASS'

Humans are animals of desire. No being can escape completely from the swamp of yearning what gives them pleasure.
Such human instincts gathered and gave birth to some sort of conceptual life, into an entity which materialized with the will to think and act on its own.
It's called 'GLASS', and it transcends time and space to create 'World of GLASS' and is now collecting more and more powerful energy.,
Yes, it's being created by the lust of people.
Only you can defeat the 'World of GLASS' and save the people who are captured by their own obsession.

Game features

'World of GLASS',

It is a location where many of our heroines from various dimension of time and location are kidnapped and imprisoned.
Through a game play of a Picture Matching Puzzle game,
You will achieve knowledge, information and secrets about 'GLASS' and Heroines.
Finally, you will be the one to break down the desire that 'GLASS' created
and save our heroines trapped inside.