Marcus Aurelius Antoninus was the last of the "Five Good Emperors". He was gifted with a brilliant mind, and his influence brought peace, both at home and abroad. However, as Marcus entered his final years, the question of succession was raised, and tempers flared. A secret feud flared up between the aristocrats and soldiers who supported Commodus, Marcus's son, and those who supported General Cassius. The feud grew more desperate, and less secret, day by day. As Rome's days of peace began to draw to a close, a new gladiator arrived at the Colosseum...


  • Fight for Glory and Freedom!

    Your Gladiator will face many trials in their fight for freedom. You'll encounter slaves, nobles, gladiators and furious animals.

  • Earn the respect of politicians and the love of the Romans!

    Gain a patron's favor and experience unique story paths. There are 5 different patrons to give your allegiance to!

  • Develop your own signature techniques!

    Every Gladiator has their own personal flair! Master the art of combat with dual weapons, sword & shield, hand-to-hand and polearms. Learn new skills to entertain the crowd like Smash, Cyclone, Drop Kick and Wild Dance!

  • Free DLC available on PlayStation Network!

    Use in-game currency to purchase new weapons, armor and characters!