Girls on puzzle 3 is a puzzle - type puzzle game for adults. In the game, you need to collect a full-fledged image from small pieces that are randomly scattered across the screen. The images show girls. The game has two game modes (in clothes and without clothes). For a comfortable collection of the puzzle in the center of the screen is a black-and-white image of the final image. A nice feature when collecting a puzzle is the automatic "joining" of the puzzle piece to the key points. The game can be competitive in nature, the goal of which is to collect the puzzle as quickly as possible, as it will show the best time for which the puzzle was collected.

Key features:
- Puzzle for adults;
- There are two modes for displaying girls (in clothes and without clothes);
- Beautiful images of animals;
- Easy to assemble the puzzle due to automatic pick-up at key connection points;
- Nice soundtrack.