You never know what skills can help you in your adventures. This time you should master your kicking talent! Kick the magic ball and clear the world from evil spirits.

Ghostball is a magical item, it's an eye that can spot the evil, it's a weapon that can beat and harvest toxic supernatural seeds, and also - it's a portal that helps you travel across the world.

  • Action-packed gameplay. You must dodge enemies with the magical ball, when it gains enough speed it becomes a weapon
  • Easy to pick up and fun to play controller with only the coolest moves! Slide Up the ball to hoop it above the ground, jump and kick it with a Pinpoint Vision, use a Ball Jump to strafe from the danger or move it close and set another strike!
  • Coop with special modes that make teamwork matters!
  • Eight beautiful arena-style levels in cozy whimsical locations
  • More than 30 enemies with unique attack patterns
  • Traditional frame by frame hand-drawn animation, to make everything cute as hell! :)
  • Cozy and spooky music to set the right mood for kicking some ghosts’ butts!