Ghost Vibration is a ghost busting action adventure game. In this game you play as George the ghost hunter, accompanied by his childhood friend and scientist Alicia, to exterminate the ghosts inside a European style mansion using a special device named the Spirit Gun. After you catch a ghost, you can read its memories and use it in order to obtain hints to solve the mysteries in the mansion.

Ghost Vibration uses both first- and third-person viewpoints in a full 3D world. George's exploration is presented with a scene-focused camera, which changes perspective according to the area he's in, and activating his weaponry switches to a first-person view for easier aiming.


  • 9 stages of Ghost Hunting.
  • Multiple mysteries to explore and solve.
  • Beautifully rendered spectral manifestations.
  • Mix between Survival horror / Action adventure.
  • Storyline revealed through the capture of souls.
  • Truly convincing and terrifying ghosts.