Ghost in The Shell is a fast-action 3rd person shooter for up to 4 players, with a feature set and presentation that will satisfy even the most hardened gamer.


  • Play as "Major" Motoko Kusanagi, Batou and Tachikoma.

  • Over 20 minutes of beautifully rendered CGI Ghost in the Shell FMV.

  • 15 Weapon types to choose from. From sniper rifles to sub-machine guns and missile launchers!

  • Hack into machinery, computers, and control your enemies' minds from a distance.

  • Engaging single player story mode with an informative tutorial that gets you into martial arts action quickly.

  • Multiplayer combat for up to 4 players* including both team matches and battle royal.

  • Complete the Story Mode to unlock additional features:

  • Different playable characters in the VS mode.

  • Different costumes for each character.

  • An additional stage in the VS mode.

  • Additional weapons in the VS mode.

  • 3 Difficulty Levels to challenge even the most experienced gamers.

  • 12 Stages of enemies and obstacles to overcome.