Play as Gobby, a small ogre who has been cursed and turned into a human by an mediocre alchemist and goes horrible wrong, the curse randomly transforms Gobby between human and ogre. Gobby must learn to manage his curse to pass between enemy troops and face his fears if he hopes to go back home as a normal little ogre.

Enter ever changing dungeons full of creatures and soldiers, depending on your race you will make friends or foes. Play your way as you find a way to undone the curse.

  • Story mode with 4 themed random dungeons and Boss Battle
  • Endless mode run away from ever changing dungeons until you drop... how many dungeons can you escape?
  • Unique transform mechanic, fated dices will roll and polymorph you every 8 steps.
  • Play with keyboard and controller!

No ogres were harmed in the making of this game