The classic comic strip character Garfield is back - just as fat, lazy and lovable as ever! The cynical orange cat loves lasagne, coffee, his remote control as well as his owner, the long-suffering Jon Arbuckle and the sweet but dumb dog Odie. One evening just before bed time Garfield goes on one of his beloved eating benders. That night he faces the consequences as he endures a night full of strange dreams. These dreams and, in some case, nightmares, take Garfield and the player on 9 unique adventures based on the cat's 9 "lives"!


  • Play and interact with the popular characters from the cartoon series: Garfield, Jon and Arlene.

  • Throughout the game Garfield's dreams will take the player on a journey to various places in the Garfield universe where everyone's favourite feline must think fast and smart to avoid his enemies and overcome tricky obstacles.

  • 12 exciting platform games in different environments! All the games have a clear path to the main goal, plus interactive environmental elements and hidden areas to reward players who go exploring!

  • In three of the games the player must overcome an extra challenging obstacle at the end of the game in order to complete it.

  • Players can save their progress in their adventures via a simple password system.

  • Enjoy Garfield's sarcastic and humorous commentary throughout the game.

  • A clean and colourful visual look, in the 2D comic art style of the Garfield and Friends television show allows both new and older fans to enjoy the entertaining world of Garfield!

  • The amount of text in this game is kept to a minimum. Instead, Garfield's large range of expressions demonstrate his feelings and comments allowing players to quickly get into the action.