The story so far... The evil businesswoman Mom has bought Planet Express Deliveries from Professor Farnsworth. By doing so she now owns over fifty percent of the Earth, making her the supreme ruler. Her first step is to enslave all humanity and turn the planet into a gigantic warship to conquer the known Universe. The player' s goal is to prevent Mom from Universal domination by taking the Planet Express crew back in time to stop the deal from going ahead.

Playing as Fry your journey begins in the Planet Express HQ, home of the Futurama cast. From there you must explore the dark and forbidding underground ruins of Old New York, battling sewer monsters and dodging toxic radioactive waste. From there you must fight your way through the futuristic streets of New New York's and its infamous Red Light District, annihilating Mom's evil robot army and avoiding the temptations of Robo-hookers.


  • Fight your way through the futuristic streets of New New York, and explore the dark and forbidding underground ruins of old New York.

  • Travel to the asteroid belt and battle huge robot monsters in an asteroid junkyard.

  • Avoid the deadly traps and evil Sun Priests of the ancient Sun City.

  • Battle swamp monsters and alligators in the Bogad bayou at the very edge of the universe.

  • Meet the irreverently funny characters from the Futurama series.

  • Play as Fry, Bender, Leela or Dr Zoidberg and explore each of their unique combat styles and skills.

  • Brand new game story and dialogue written by the Emmy Award winning writer J Stewart Burns.

  • Design consultation by Matt Groening himself, the creator of Futurama and The Simpsons.

  • New characters and locations never seen in the Futurama TV-series before and exclusive to the Futurama video game.

  • Three playable characters each featuring unique in-game characteristics and controls.

  • Two separate 'mini games' with unique gameplay styles.

  • All in-game voice-overs are done by the actual voice talents from the Futurama TV-series.

  • Custom made outline and toon-shading render engine that captures the visual look and feel of the Futurama TV-series.

  • Easy and straightforward controls make the game easy to just pick up and play.