You are an alien predator from the far corner of space, with the power of manipulating the will of your enemies. That is if they make the mistake of letting you get close. Mind control is not the only ability you have to attack your prey. You can also stop time at your will, but be aware of how and when you use it.GameplayControl any enemy to use their weapons against other enemies. Leap out of control at any time to throw them away with your momentum towards traps or other things in the environment. Balance out controlling their minds and disposing of them to get the best time possible each level.Enter The GauntletIn the gauntlet you fight for the highest possible score. The gauntlet features randomly selected gauntlet levels where you need to survive until a portal arrives to warp you the the next battleground. Every time you do so, the difficulty ramps up.

Key Features
  • Fight your way trough 27 levels across 3 different worlds.
  • Aim for the best time possible each level.
  • Defeat the boss in each world.
  • Test your skills in the gauntlet and go for the highest score!
  • 15 separate levels for gauntlet mode.
  • Go for the ultimate challenge in hardcore mode, where you only have one life to complete the game.