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Hi everyone, welcome to Function!
I’m DocScott, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and avid gamer nerd.
Function is a supportive fitness community that is redefining how society gets fit.

Our team takes full body functional exercises and programs them into the Function platform. We then combine them to create custom workouts that can't be found anywhere else.

Our mission is to grow Function into a worldwide movement to gamify exercise. Our community is made up of users of all backgrounds, and they passionately support each other in their fitness journey. As a member of our community, you are part of this cause. Help grow the Function Community and it's mission.

Choose your path:
Casual gamer - Upgrade your body through whole body Fitness strengthening programs.
Hardcore gamer - Titan workouts are available for those seeking the ultimate challenge.

Current version: Function is currently in the alpha stage of development. Core functionality is developed, with minimalistic aesthetics.

With an ambitious plan to grow to include hundreds of different exercises, Function will be the platform of choice for home VR/AR fitness gamers, for brick and mortar gyms to offer to their members, and for physical rehabilitation clinics to offer to their patients. Adapting and growing across future VR/AR headsets, the platform will bring gamified fitness to millions of users using the latest VR headsets and future AR smartglasses.

Become a fitness VR pioneer. Add Function to your wish list now!