A STORY BEYOND MYTHSControl the Norse Gods in a long mythy adventure. Help Freyr about his love. Find Gerd and bring her to Freyr. Witness skirnir while he gaining gods power.Key Features:Feel the power of Freyr's magic sword.
  • Throw your sword and wait.
  • Time will slow down and your sword will always come back.
Kill different kinds of creatures.
  • Draugars
  • Skeletons
Call Gods for help.
  • Call Freyja to restore your health.
  • Call Njörd in order to create an earthquake.
Fight against your enemies with power of the Gods.
  • Call the gods when you need them and dominate the warzone.
  • Use their power against your enemies.
Witness the Ragnarok.
  • Learn the truth about Ragnarok.
  • Witness Ragnarok mysteries through this story.
  • Control your character left and right.
  • Jump above your enemies.
  • Dash through your enemies and make them miss.
  • Use 3 different kind of attack to kill your enemies.
  • Use your heavy attack.