Free Realms

Genres: MMORPG
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Join thousands of other players and make your home in Free Realms! Do what you want to do, when you want to do it, in a lush, living, 3D world filled with lush landscapes and fun wildlife.

Free Realms gameplay is as varied as the people who play. Looking for adventure? Unlock jobs like Ninja, Explorer and Wizard to battle enemies and disarm traps as you search for lost treasure, or duel other players. Battling not for you? Take time to teach your pet a new trick, decorate your house, or grow vegetables and flowers. When you're ready for a different kind of challenge, play a wide variety of completely integrated mini-games to craft useable items or get your high score onto the leaderboards.

There's always something new to see and do in the world of Free Realms, with weekly and monthly content updates, regular and special events, and even player-created parties and celebrations.

No need to go to the store, spend money on the box, or take hours installing and patching the game. Get in the game quickly and easily from your web browser, create your character, and be playing in a full 3D game world client within minutes!


  • Experience a vibrant new world that's an exciting mix of real-world and fantasy.

  • Be a wizard one day, and a warrior the next, without having to make a new character.

  • Join your friends in the game and adventure with them, wherever they are, no matter how long they have been playing.

  • When you're ready for some excitement, head out to the wilderness and battle challenging enemies like giant spiders and forest trolls in fast-paced, strategic battlegrounds.

  • Cooperate with or compete against other players in battle!

  • Explore, quest, and collect items that you can wear, use or display.

  • Play a wide variety of mini-games to craft armor, weapons, potions, clothes, furniture, and many other items.

  • Grab a root beer at the inn and hang out with your friends while a rock band plays on the stage.

  • Interact with humorous, unique characters, become their friends and receive emails from them!

  • Raise a dog or cat and teach it to be the kind of pet you want--shy, brave, or funny.

  • Decorate your own house and grow a variety of plants and flowers.

  • Send links, share images and videos, and chat with friends from your own, personal, customizable social networking page!