Realistic Flight TrainingThe tracks on which the actual game was played and
the surrounding environment are organized as closely as possible,
providing an experience as if you were playing a real game when flying.Play With FriendsWith Online Multiplayer Support, you can play against friends or players from all over the world.
Compete and set a record to see who gets the first goal.Physics customizationIt provides a flight similar to the movement of a real drone.
Also, the physical variables and the beta flight Rate variable value can be adjusted.
Customize and enjoy flying for your real drone flying experience.Various gamepads, joysticks, and keyboards can be operated (Calibratable)It is possible to fly with various joysticks and gamepads such as Frsky and xbox.

We recommend flying with a joystick whenever possible.Analyze and improve the flight results of you and your friendsYou can record and play back the flight of you and your friends.
Change the viewpoint to another player, free camera mode, playback speed control, etc.
Analyze and improve your flight results.Implement the Feel Of the Goggles ScreenReal goggle screen resolution, FOV, noise effect, etc. are provided on the monitor screen.
And, If you have VR equipment, experience the goggle screen displayed on the VR equipment.