Ever feel like running around as a Fox with a Bird companion in a forest? Well this is the game for you! Play as an adorable Fox that runs around collecting materials and crafting them for upgrades. As for your bird companion you can use him as a sling shot to gather other materials and attack enemies.

You'll never get bored as there are two game modes in this wonderfully hand drawn stylized game!
The first game mode you can play is a Survival game! Good luck surviving all the changing seasons throughout the year! It's not easy ya know.
The other game mode is a cute adventure mode. You have to collect materials to help a bear survive through winter. He can be very demanding! Also, good luck figuring the crafting system out to get the correct items you need to progress to the next season!

Enjoy the frustration of the game play while the soothing art graphics calm you down.

Welcome to Fox in the Woods and please ...enjoy your stay!