Formula One 2003 continues the trend of quality titles and introduces a wide variety of new features and game modes to the series. For the first time, players can compete against each other in the new Multiplayer Time Attack mode. There are 11 game modes in total and with a separation of Arcade and Simulation style gameplay, the game caters for both typeS of Formula One fans: those looking for a quick, straightforward blast around one of the 16 tracks included or those looking to immerse themselves for a whole season in one of the most realistic depictions of the sport on any format.

There have also been substantial graphical advances and Formula One 2003 delivers a graphics performance 20% higher than its predecessor, resulting in brand new weather and graphical effects. With each car crafted to this years specifications and designs with all new team specific steering wheels showing race information.

The series also continues to set new trends in audio quality and Formula One 2003 features in-game surround sound that brings the Formula One grid to life. In addition, all engine sounds (the audio backbone of any F1 game) have been re-sampled and re-worked, resulting in a more natural and impressive sound.

Formula One 2003 also features exclusive TV commentary by the same TV commentators used in the broadcasts from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Finland.