The third of low-price series of KimidoriSoft! "Forklift Load" Appears!

# This game is radio control style operation.

In a city where humans have disappeared, you'll be able to operate an AI forklift, one of the AI machines that are still working.
An open-world sci-fi forklift adventure in which you must solve the truth of the mystery while completing the requests of other AI machines.

Why did the humans disappear? How was the AI created? Who created the AI and what is the purpose of the AI?

When all the mysteries are unraveled, you will see AI tears.

    Why do AI machines only exist, why do they still keep the city clean, and what is the purpose of AI machines?
    In a city with a lot of mysteries, you become a forklift truck, one of the AI machines, and you help the AI machine to get to the bottom of things.

    Even if it's difficult to get your luggage to your destination all at once, you can still put it down once, move it backwards, and get creative with
    This is important for clearing.

  • Physical Behavior
    You use the forks of a forklift to carry and move various objects.
    All of this is represented by physical behavior, which makes for a pleasant experience.

  • Auto-Save
    Your progress is automatically saved at key points and you can continue playing from the beginning.

  • Mini-map / General map
    To avoid getting lost on the large map, you can always see the location of important things on the map, such as the location of the request, the destination, and the objects to be carried.