Forgotten spirit is a co-op puzzle platformer where you play as two spirits travelling through an abandoned world, having to solve puzzles to progress. The spirits travel through many beautiful areas and through environmental storytelling learns what has happened in the world prior. Throughout their journey they meet others that need their help and in return offer them the last of their strength. They work together using their own unique abilities to work together and return home.

Throughout the world you can find small light hidden behind fake walls or right around corners. You can attempt to find them all.

You can play either Co-op or single player. You can share the experience with a friend or family member or enjoy it by yourself.

There is a unique and stunning art style that you witness while exploring four different and unique environments inspired by cultures from all over the world.

The original music for the game has been composed by Sam Shandley

The game supports gamepad
For co-op, minimum 1 gamepad is required.