Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. in conjunction with Sony Computer Entertainment America's Santa Monica Studios, SIREN puts the player into an alternate reality, capable of raising the heart-beat and creating a true sense of suspense and fear allowing for a new horror entertainment experience. In the blink of an eye, everything can change in SIREN. Set in a fictional Japanese village, a terrible force slowly turns the civilians into vile creatures. Seen through the eyes of 10 characters, SIREN immerses the player into a personal fight for survival and to unravel the truth behind the mysterious force.

With a story loosely inspired by Japanese folklore and horror movies from around the world, SIREN places the gamer right in the center of the village of Hanuda. Building upon a dark atmosphere and creeping terror, SIREN heralds an exciting new genre of horror games - from a world of fear, mystery and suspense that is focused on extreme background detail and storyline, rather than 'slasher-style' shocks traditionally found in horror entertainment.

In SIREN, which takes place over the course of three days, time is made irrelevant as episodes do not happen in chronological order and the story builds as the player uses their own character's psychic abilities to look through the eyes of the shibito. The shibito or 'living dead' are civilians in the village that have been slowly transforming into evil creatures that are out to destroy the player. Players can steal the viewpoint of the shibito in their surroundings by using the innovative 'sightjack' system, foreseeing danger and predicting enemies' actions. However, in this world of unspeakable evil and horrific visions, this extraordinary observational power could be more of a curse than a blessing.

With 78 missions in the game, every individual has their own chilling story to tell throughout the various episodes, providing not only a mission to survive, but an opportunity to slowly piece together the horrifying events that have overcome the village of Hanuda.


Survival horror is redefined through the power of PlayStation 2 technology by providing a one-of-a-kind chilling storyline and psychological twist on reality.

Innovative 'sightjack' system allows for players to steal the viewpoint of others in their surroundings to foresee danger and predict enemies' actions. A very powerful tool, as maps do not show your location or those of your enemies, however, it should be used carefully as the character is left vulnerable to enemies when in this altered state.

"Scenario link navigator" feature provides an overview of the game that pieces the puzzle of the story together through each character and illustrates gameplay progress.

Ten playable characters, each embroiled in their own personal fight for survival drawn to Hanuda for various reasons.

Players will experience 78 episodes of gameplay that unfold out of order over the course of three days. As players complete more objectives, they will see how characters and locations are woven together in the intricate story.

Real-life character modeling

Dark, chilling atmosphere that provides a world of fear and suspense. The dampness is almost palpable, as the player is immersed into a world of fog, rain and darkness.

Chilling music mixed with haunting sound effects increase the suspense and immerse the player into the horrors of Hanuda.