Newton the hamster is having fun on the beach with his friend Sookie when they discover a mysterious golden seed. As Sookie was holding this very shiny seed in her hands, suddenly a crazy eagle comes from nowhere and kidnaps her carrying her high into the sky.

Newton quickly gathers all of his courage and begins work on an improvised whirlybird made from a natural green-shoot and a tight belt. Then adding the final touches of an old-timer leather helmet and some flight goggles (just because it's stylish) he's now ready for action.


  • Explore six unique environments from the sunflower fields to the big Japanese city to crazy ancient Egypt.

  • Battle with more than 35 different enemies, including sneaky penguins, exploding foxes and ninja squirrels.

  • Take on the most ruthless bosses with any of the bizarre objects and weapons you find on your journey.