FlatOut is a high-octane, merciless racing game where ruthless drivers wreck their cheap banged-up cars and demolish the abandoned racing tracks while battling it out for the victory and prize money!

All eight cars start off side-by-side and any driver can come into (and if lucky, out of) the critical first turn as the head of pack. As the track then quickly narrows down the race can easily turn into a very busy wrecking site. This leaves the player with two options: either to give in to the road rage or to attempt surviving the clash without taking too much damage.

It is every man for himself by any means possible! The cars become weapons as drivers bang into each other sending the cars into cart wheels over tyre walls and breaking through roadside buildings. The drivers are not spared either. Crash head first into a steel bridge or a concrete wall and your driver will fly through the windshield and beyond!

FlatOut introduces a whole new level of realism in driving games - a culmination of environment dynamics, driver ragdoll, car and environment damage systems and convincing driving feel.


  • 16 different cars to race, customise and upgrade

  • Full car damage modelling which also affects the performance of the car

  • Unparalleled realistic scenery and debris damage with fully destructible driving environments with 3000 + items on each track to smash!

  • Carefully tuned car physics to give a truly realistic feel to each car

  • 45 tracks to master over 5 different environments including the challenge of snow-covered terrain.

  • Two-player split screen mode for a AAA racing experience with friends

  • Online play for up to eight players (Xbox version to utilise Xbox Live!)

  • A whole host of extra fun enhancing mini-games including 'Figure of 8' and 'Demolition Bowl'