In Fire Chief, experience what life is really like for fire-fighters. Control an entire team of Fire-fighters and their various support vehicles! As captain of your station, train up your team, teach them the basics of the profession and how to manage in emergencies, develop their resistance to stress... and most importantly, get your team through their missions successfully! The spread of the fire, poisonous fumes, the number of people in danger, their location... all this has to be taken into account on arrival at the scene of the fire. If you think that your guys can't handle a fire, call for backup from the specialists who'll be able to handle the most difficult and deadly situations.

In the heat of action, overcome all obstacles blocking your way and discover the best entry points in order to get to the source of a fire and extinguish it more quickly.

Get rewarded for all your hard work: a 1 to 5 medal rating will be awarded to players completing a mission according to their performance (saving lives and objects of value, speed and pollution control,..)


  • 10 challenging missions with 34 levels e.g. forest fire, railway accident, gas station explosion, , ...

  • A team of fire fighters and fire specialists, trained to face all kinds of emergencies:

  • High-performance vehicles.

  • Game designed in collaboration with an international fire consultant.

  • A tense and captivating atmosphere in which pressure is built up continuously.

  • Unexpected obstacles and events will slow down the player's progression.

  • An easy to pick-up and play game, making it accessible to all.

  • For European countries: A localised version with country-specific vehicles and uniforms.

  • Dynamic fire system allowing for the realistic spread of fires.

  • Full 3D engine.