You are the son of an old king, but your kingdom is captured by an enemy country. The rebels take the city. The old king is killed.
Fortunately, you have a few loyal servants with you.But the rebels left behind a fleet to watch over you and prevent you from growing up to counterattack them.On a nearby island, you stumble upon the great pirate's treasure map, which will allow you to build a large army.
Welcome to paradise island!Here you will begin to build a new regime, find the pirate treasure, defeat the enemy's fleet, and return to your own country. Now begin your own story!
In the game software of "fingertip mountain sea - paradise island", the player influences the happiness of villagers by building buildings, changing their occupations, adjusting the price of products in the market, or giving them subsidies, etc., thus determining the prosperity of the village and completing the game process.
The game focuses on the detailed design of developing village NPCS in the game, each of which has its own birth, sickness and death, and can breed with its spouse.Every male or female villager experiences the process of childhood, adulthood and old age.At night, the villagers would come to the campfire to say goodbye to a full day by singing, dancing, falling in love and having fun.