Endless subway rides, cosmic gardens and the fate of a planet, FICTION #F3F collects five atmospheric experiences to enjoy at leisure:

  • 3D First Person exploration
  • Peaceful environments
  • Hours of music
  • Open worlds
NightlineTake the Nightline through an infinite Metropolis. Destination? Unknown.

CarcavasHundred acres of dry shrub and sun blasted hills. Home to a wide variety of wildlife and talks of secret mineshafts, military test sites, and mysterious energy zones. It’s a curious place, you should visit!

That Feeling BlueA star melts on a morphing altar, the enveloping woods feed ever growing, that feeling, blue, sinks deeper.

æStrange shapes and voices pierce the blizzard's veil, stranded and curious atop this mountain you leave behind the comforts of your cabin to surveil this darkest of nights.

The Sands of VoltarkUpon crash landing on this desert oasis, you have the choice to either explore its beautiful steppes or systematically stripmine its resources. Judge wisely for the consequences are irreversible!