Faxion Online is, at its core, a traditional MMORPG. From character creation and customization to multiplayer coordination, Faxion Online offers achievement and glory through combat and adventure. Not content to be another cookie cutter MMO, here's how Faxion Online is different:

The Theme

With an impish sense of humor and willingness to tackle subject matter that other studios run screaming from, Faxion Online brings you into the timeless war between the armies of Heaven and Hell as a key agent in the effort to tilt the scales once and for all.

The Gameplay

Battling over control of the unique realms and denizens of the Seven Deadly Sins, players will determine the fate of the material worlds. With an emphasis on territory control, Faxion Online offers a tactical and strategic group- and guild-driven conquest experience like no other. Test your skills against either the Heavenly Host or Hell's Horde in a game where individual battles impact the world at large.

The Focus

Faxion Online removes the burdens found in most modern MMOs by taking the focus off of leveling, encouraging fast-paced skirmish gameplay, and offering varied progression options from multi-classing to offline advancement. Compete for minutes or hours on equal footing with players of your skill level. Master the game - not the grind - and send your enemies back to wherever the Hell they came from.