FatCat's life is relaxed. But one day his great love Mrs.Cat is kidnapped by the nasty FatDog. FatCat immediately sets out to save his beloved, but the cunning FatDog is prepared. He sends his henchmen to take out the unloved adversary.

But FatCat is cunning and so begins his little odyssey through the different parts of the world of FatDog! The hat always with you... and of course the Powergun.

What awaits you:

FatCat jumps and runs through the worlds. With the powergun at the ready FatCat can defeat all enemies. But the world of FatDog is mean, you will often need several attempts before you reach the boss.

Boss Opponent:
Each world has two bosses that try to take you down.

Many different enemies and types of enemies await you on your journey. Everyone needs a different strategy and some enemies are incredibly strong and will chase you all the time.

With the power gun you can defeat any opponent. Collect powergun containers in the game to fire extra powerful shots that will instantly defeat almost any standard opponent or inflict heavy damage on bosses.

Game modes:
The game has a story mode with 6 levels in total. You will need several attempts to succeed.
In the challenge mode you can test your skills. Here 40 bonus missions await you.

You can play the game using your touch screen. We recommend that you connect a gamepad to make the controls more precise. We have slightly simplified the handling of the Powergun in the touch controls to create a frustration-free experience.

The game is available in English and German. Choose a language at the beginning when you start the game.