Far Cry Instincts: Predator

Genres: First-Person Shooter
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The incident at Jacutan Archipelago changed Jack Carver's life forever. Jack has had little choice but to embrace the disturbing talents unleashed by Krieger's unique brand of folk medicine. Back at his home port in Micronesia, Jack thought he had finally found paradise. But when a gorgeous woman draws him in on a dangerous heist, their sun-drenched days take a chilling turn. Hunted for a murder he didn't commit, Jack must draw on his most savage instincts to make his predators his prey. Game features include:

Wage war across land, sea and air in a breathtaking tropical wilderness. Take control of 10 drivable vehicles like gliders, ATVs and jet-skis, as well as new vehicles like armored pickups and transport trucks.

Experience massive gunfights with over 20 action-packed weapons. Cause some serious damage with shotguns, machines guns, traps, and all-new weapons like poisonous dart guns and Molotov cocktails.

Hunt and be hunted by unnervingly brilliant AI enemies or battle friends in 22 multiplayer missions and 5 customizable game modes. Includes all the classic modes like Predator, as well as the all-new Seek-and-Secure mode.

Create the perfect paradise. Build your own custom maps and share them on the Xbox Live online gaming service for explosive multiplayer action

*Refers to Far Cry Instincts Evolution. Far Cry Instincts Predator includes both Far Cry Instincts Evolution and 2005's Far Cry Instincts.