The pet of your dreams is now a reality!

Ever wished for a unicorn, or your own fire breathing dragon or even a flying dog? Maybe you just want to create your favorite dog, cat, horse or lizard? With Fantastic Pets, you finally get your chance to create and play with the pet of your dreams! Your only limit is your imagination.


  • Create your dream pet and customize them with everything from skins, colors, patterns, wings, horns, ears, tails and more.

  • Virtual and real worlds meet using augmented reality to put your pet right in your home.

  • It's a pet party - be on screen with multiple pets alongside your sister, brother, friend, mom, dad, grandpa or grandma.

  • 12 mini-games let you interact with your pet. Play fetch, give your pet a bath, dodge bubbles and more.

  • Speak to your pet using voice commands to make them do tricks.

  • Each pet has a unique personality, lifelike reactions and behaviors.

  • 1-2 players can cooperatively play and interact with pets

  • Compete in talent shows to see whose pet has what it takes to be a champion.