Use hand and body movements to control the gameplay in this totally new type of social gaming experience. This is a game for friends to play together and is the ultimate social/party game.

One to Four players can take part in teams or solo in a social gaming experience, which involves seeing yourself on TV in a humorous, challenging, fun to play and fun to watch game world. Games are focused on simple gameplay fun but have many talking points and much humour - such as playing AIR GUITAR to a classic rock soundtrack, washing windows with four friends (WishiWashi) or punching and kicking in a KUNG FOO! Style.

Gameplay designed to appeal to females as much as males, non-gamers as much as gamers. A compelling and friendly game that parents would be happy to let their kids play because it encourages social behaviour, energetic movement and potentially improves hand to eye co-ordination. The parents and other audiences may prefer to play it as a drinking game, or certainly in a more light hearted and sarcastic way.

Also includes a unique 'video messaging' feature. The user can record a short message (audio and video) onto the PS2 memory card using the EyeToy camera. This message can then be replayed on the TV (for example to leave a message for a flat-mate) or given to a friend on the memory card.


  • 15 to 20 immediately accessible pick up and play compelling games.

  • You are the star - see YOU on TV playing fun games - and video tape it!

  • THE game to finally get your girlfriend and non-gaming mates to play PS2.

  • A chance to get involved early in EyeToy - the next revolution in gaming.

  • Fun gameplay - a game that makes you laugh, makes you move and makes a point of being different from the often-violent action of traditional games.