You are The Conscious One. You wake up in nothingness, utter The Word only to wake up again...

Eyes of The Mirror is a philosophical mystery-adventure game with a story which unveils itself as you make progress.
It is a dark and atmospheric setting. You are all alone. You will find poems, stories, excerpts from famous authors on your way to solve the mystery. You will come across puzzles which will require you to interpret the texts you found.
Death and life, self and world... Eyes of The Mirror questions what it means to exist.

Key Features:
-No combat mechanics.
-Puzzles which will make you think and interpret texts written especially for the game.
-Multiple endings.
-You will make choices. Game contains Rpg elements. However, don't expect it to be a hardcore one.
-Lots of references to authors and philosophers.
-Meticulously written dialogues and puzzles.
-Original soundtrack.