Adopt an egg from the Pet Centre and watch as it hatches into your very own magical new best friend. With a PlayStation Eye camera and the amazing Magic Card, you can see your loveable pal scamper around your living room.

Feed him when he's hungry, play with him when he's bored, and stroke him when he's lonely. You can even draw fantastic new toys for him that spring to life on-screen.

As your pet develops through three unique stages of pet evolution he will become more agile, expressive and intelligent.

An EyePet is interactive family entertainment at its marvellous, magical best. Speak to your pet, customise his fur, dress him up in cool new outfits... the fun is as endless as your imagination...

  • Adopt a pet and nurture him from a tiny baby until he's fully grown.

  • Get creative: style your pet's fur, buy him new outfits and draw new toys for him that come to life on-screen.

  • Capture photos and video of your pet's most memorable moments to share with your friends.