An unidentified alien parasitic entity has been caught by scientists. It has been enclosed in a specially- created virtual simulator in order to study its capabilities.

The player controls a parasite that has the ability to move in any direction because it can defy gravity. Also by jumping on mechanical objects, the parasite can take control over them and thereby gain additional abilities.
The parasite receives specific opportunities by taking control of various mechs; these help it to advance levels. Each managed object is unique and gives its own gaming experience. These dynamic changes in gameplay promote/fuel user engagement.

The game has ten levels and each level has a unique boss. Each boss has his own unique capabilities, techniques, strategies, and attacks. In order to advance to the next level, the player must defeat the boss in a variety of fight scenarios.

At the end of each level, the player can receive a reward in the form of a limited number of power-ups (hyper cores). The maximum for each level is 4. If the player is unable to collect all four cores the first time, he can replay the level and pick up the remaining cores. The maximum available number of power-ups is 40 pcs (4 cores in each of the 10 levels). Hyper cores can be used in the store to purchase additional lives and certain abilities.

Along with extra lives in the game store, the following superpowers can be acquired and improved:
Slow downtime (time in the game slows down for a short period of time).
Invulnerability (the parasite gains full immunity to any type of damage for a short period of time).