Evil Cult is a turn-based strategy about the various sinister cults all vying for world domination. Whether through completing the Final Ritual or eliminating all opponents, the victory will not be easy. Managing a cult is a tricky job, you see. Pesky investigators, multiple offspring sects, bloodthirsty opponent cults, these are all threats that have to be dealt with or successfully evaded. And all that has to be done below the radar of the human society.

This version of the game was upgraded with a modern UI look and interface. However, the classic minimalistic black design is fully supported, too. Various long-standing bugs of the classic version were fixed and all gameplay features were backported to coincide with the 10th anniversary since the release of the first public version.

Features include:

  • Multiplayer - Shared screen multiplayer is available. Join your friends or play against them.
  • Custom Game - Tired of playing the base game? Start a fully custom one. Each of the gameplay variables is open for tweaking around in this mode.
  • Four hours of music - An incredible electronica soundtrack by Jeremy Rice of Curious Inversions and Introspective fame, known by the fans of the original game.
  • Classic Mode - Full classic mode graphics and UI included. Relive the nostalgia.
  • Investigators - These irritating investigators never cease to vex the cults bringing the additional challenge.
  • Sects Management - Using manual micromanagement or AI advisor, these, erm, devoted groups of unsuspecting people will help you reach your nefarious goals.