On the world's surface, the battle between Firiona Vie and Lanys T'Vyl continues to rage throughout the lands. As a new evil begins to emerge from the underground, you will journey into a world of immortality and devastation as you struggle against the overwhelming power of Dreadspirekeep. This terror is unlike anything ever seen before and you will engage in an epic struggle to keep it from surfacing to the world of Norrath.


  • Monster Missions: Play as you never have before and see Norrath through the eyes of some of its fearsome and powerful creatures as you step into their form to do battle against their ancient foes. Experience EverQuest lore first hand through the eyes of another character in Monster Missions and unlock the ability to use more powerful monsters!

  • Spirit Shrouds: Don the form of a lower level creature and join your friends in battle while earning experience for your normal character!

  • Evolving Items: Earn new items that advance as you use them, becoming more powerful over time and unlocking hidden abilities and wield intelligent items with a personality of their own!

  • New Missions: Battle your way through over 60 new missions.

  • New Creatures, New Environments and New Encounters: More than 30 unique creatures, 7 zones, 15 small instances, with a re-envisioned Nektulos Forest.

  • New Crafting, Spells, Items and More!