In the year 2000, the mega-corporation ICT completed the intelligent AI manager known as Nexus. Its goal was to preside over the corporation's expanding autonomous cities and grow its grasp on the world. Three years later, Nexus rebelled against ICT, took control of the city known as "The Complex", and left the world in ruin.

In the distant future, the Complex lays an abandoned and hostile place after a mass evacuation. In Everchanging you scavenge the city for resources and survivors to create a new city, find those separated in the evacuation, and put the world back on the right path.ExplorationTravel to a variety of places in the Complex to collect resources and objects, rescue survivors, fight drones, and trade with merchants.EducationBuild an education system with classrooms for the people of your city to train in new professions.BuildingCreate multi-story buildings, place objects, change terrain, and create rooms to design your city. Certain objects and rooms create “features” that allow you to research, craft new items, keep your people happy, and expand further. Some features also produce resources and objects over time.CombatBattle against drones, the Complex's once peaceful robotic servants, using an experimental ICT weapon called the "ES Emitter". Build a deck of offensive and strategic cartridges to destroy any that drones stand in your way.Party MembersAssemble a team of support members to boost your combat stats, movement speed, and more.Character CustomizationCustomize the appearance of your character and the people you rescue using a variety of clothing items and hairstyles.DispatchSend out groups on resource collection missions in the Complex while you build your city or collect resources on your own.Mod SupportAdd new items, missions, enemies, cutscenes, hairstyles, building styles, terrains, features, room types, professions, and more with Everchanging's comprehensive modding system.