Do you like FPS games? Do you like FPS games that you have to find guns? Well, welcome to Eternal Vortex.

Eternal Vortex is an FPS game where you have to find guns around the map, and depending on the gun, the spawn locations and amount of ammo will vary.
• Public Rooms - Join & Play With Anyone
• Private Rooms - Make And Join Custom Rooms For You, Your Friends & Fans
• Character Customization - Customize Your Character For Everyone To See
• Player Input - If Anyone Has A Good Idea That Gets Put Into The Game They Get Credit And A "Implement" Role On Discord.

Guns - (Sniper, Shotgun, M4, Ak-47)
• Sniper (90 Damage Per Shot) (Reload Speed 5 Seconds) (12 Bullets Per Mag 24 Shots Total) [45-second wait]
• Shotgun (80 Damage Per Shot) (Reload Speed 4.5 Seconds) (4 Bullets Per Mag 18 Shots Total) [30-second wait]
• M4 (10 Damage Per Shot) (Reload Speed 2 Seconds) (32 Bullets Per Mag 150 Shots Total) [25-second wait]
• AK-47 (15 Damage Per Shot) (Reload Speed 1.5 Seconds) (30 Bullets Per Mag 90 Shots Total) [15-second wait]