Placing bite-sized entertainment in the palm of your hands, Escape Plan features two hapless characters, Lil and Laarg, who have been captured and need your influence, skill and brainpower to escape from a dark labyrinth of irreverent puzzles and traps.  Escape Plan takes advantage of the PlayStation Vita's (PS Vita) multi-touch display, rear touch panel and swipe interfaces.  Players can swipe, squeeze, poke and slap these guys to interact and manipulate the environment and help Lil and Laarg survive each deadly room before their captor and nemesis recycles them and turns them into his minions ... or sheep.  


  • The intuitive touch and swipe interface puts the fate of our hapless heroes Lil and Laarg in the palm of your hands.

  • Using the unique features of the PS Vita system, you can manipulate characters and interact with the environments to guide our heroes safely through each puzzle room by simply using your fingers to swipe, poke, squeeze or tap.

  • Lil and Laarg may try things to escape the rooms unscathed, but often meet an untimely demise. Escape Plan gives players unique and memorable moments throughout the gameplay, whether it is the triumphant thrill of victory or the hilarious agony of defeat.