Ever wondered what happens when 3D Artist do his daily job but something goes wrong?

Did you ever think about what might be happening at your neighbour behind his closed doors down in the basement?

Got any Idea whats going on inside the PC when editing a game level or creating 3D content & animations ?

Had you ever feeling that something strange is going on in your OS or Desktop, but wasn`t sure whats the cause?

Did you actually saw Biped disappear from your screen while animating major character in 3D application but you wasn`t sure if you are dreaming?

Dont know what is Biped?

Want to get all these questions answered? If yes our game might be just for you, and be sure all these answers will be great fun & action you about to encounter.


  • Single Player & Multiplayer levels.

  • 10 incredibly detailed multiplayer maps designed for fast paced action.

  • Interesting storyline with adaptive mission objectives.

  • Artificial Intelligence with ability to learn.

  • Realtime lights, radiosity & soft shadows.

  • Complex physics and machinery systems.

  • Wide spectrum of heavy destruction-weapons.

  • Destructible environments.

  • One of the first games to fully support Ageia physics processors.

  • Incredible modding community & tools with ongoing development.