The game was made for parody purposes, we did not pursue the goal of offending anyone or stealing intellectual property.

  • A classic puzzle game inspired by many shooters. You have to put the loot found by the PMC into your backpack as quickly as possible, until you run out of space.
  • The game develops trash collection skills in other games without the risk of losing your "treasures".
  • Indescribable atmosphere of fighting and looting.
  • In the game, you can endlessly collect trash without the risk of losing everything or filling up a place in the cache. It's a pity there is no open world.
  • From the development team who made 0 projects included in the release.
  • Unfortunately, there is no juice in our game, but you can just pause the game (innovative innovation) and drink it yourself.
  • The game does not contain mechanics that allow you to spend money in order not to play.
  • In case you are not immediately answered in support of Escape From Tatris, perhaps they are going to eat.
  • If you find bugs in the game, remember, the game is under development.
  • Collect the most points, set records and have fun in Escape from Tatris!

Please do not buy our game.