Getting caught while trying to save a captured boyfriend!?
A survival action RPG with battle fuck+cuckold+erotic traps!
It will be a role-playing game that advances the story.


* Ryumi
A magician at the guild.
Her cuteness and style made her the talk of the town
and her pure personality made her an idol of the guild.
The members say that she has really attractive boobs.
As she found a boyfriend, she decides to go back to her hometown.

* Boyfriend
An ace at the guild.
He takes things seriously and can't say no to tasks when asked so.
He met Ryumi at the guild and eventually they were attracted to each other.
He hopes to protect her no matter what happens.
However, he gets caught in a trap and gets captured.

[Sex Scenes]

As Ryumi goes off to save her captured boyfriend, many enemies try to fuck her.
You need to win by defeating them before they touch her or by making the enemy finish!
Can you avoid her from drowing in pleasure...?