You are only a bit cluster, the weakest in the grid, but you are a sentient bit cluster. There is no need for the whole grid to take up arms to crush him: a vapor, a spark of corrupt data is enough to kill you. But even if the grid were to crush you, you would still be nobler than your slayer, because you know that you are dying and the advantage the grid has over you. The grid knows none of this.

EQI is a first-person cyberspace action puzzle with a synthwave soul. You find yourself in a digital world that twists and changes around you, challenging your senses, focus, and reflexes. The only way to go is forward, pushing through in search of the elusive exit. But what does "forward" mean, exactly, in this perilous realm of illusion? Experience and explore atmospheric, abstract environments. Question your perception to solve spatial puzzles and overcome arcade challenges. Interface with the great mystery and transcend.

  • Explore and solve over 20 atmospheric, colorful stages, increasing in size and difficulty
  • Master the control of both your character and the world around you
  • Solve intricate puzzles, see through illusions, and overcome obstacle courses
  • Immerse yourself in the electronic pulse of the game's OST

Experience. Question. Interface.