Epifrog is a dynamic survival / strategic game, based on grotesque author's world. It was designed to provide an easy, yet complex gameplay, allowing our players to create their own ways of surviving the waves of new threats.


The swamp god went rogue, throwing a ton of atrocities upon our poor world. Fortunately, you have the most powerful hero of all time – Frog! Yes, that's right, you are playing a frog, but do not think that you are just one of those handsome toads, that spawn effortlessly from our magical pool. Oh no! You are something far greater than your average companions. A hero, blessed with a nice set of elemental powers, physical strength, natural intellect and of course personal charm. But beware! As your nasty, ugly opponents are ferocious! Venomous spiders, HUGE werewolves, merciless U'mans and many, many nasty creatures more are ready to strike down your defenses and destroy your great magical pool.

Grow, evolve, build and upgrade! Do whatever it takes to survive the journey through mythical and dangerous lands as you get closer to the mad god.
Train many units and create the best defense and exploring team.
Build up your structures and put a well-trained frogs inside to fortify them.
Explore land in attempt to find rare resources or powerful artifacts, but be carefull! The further you go, the more time will be needed for you to return into village. Always leave someone behind, since nasty U'mans can come at night.