Experience a typical day in the ER from the perspective of an ER Physician during the corona virus outbreak. Covid19 is spreading around the world and your hospital is about to get hit hard, flooding with patients in need. Can you stay calm, under increasing pressure to save lives, and help flatten the curve or will the situation overwhelm you!


  • Emergency Room Simulator Experience
This experience recreates the stress involved with making critical decisions under pressure while dealing with the emotional impact during unprecedented times of need. It's about the world's Doctors and Nurses who make sacrifices to contain the spread of the virus. Make your country proud by serving others and keeping the world safe.

  • Interact with patients and get rated on performance

  • Use a variety of tools such as Intubation tubes, Resuscitation Kits, Ventilators, Defibrillators and many more.

  • Make life and death decisions. Choose who lives and dies.

  • PRESTIGE. Limit your mistakes, do your job quicker, save more lives and you will rewarded with prestige among the worlds leading physicians.

  • COLLECTIBLES AND ACHIEVEMENTS. Gain on the job training knowledge, work with pharmaceuticals companies, save lives and stay safe. You will be rewarded for your work