Recently, every other car game has wanted to keep your head under the hood. At long last, here's a racer that gets your focus back on the wheel. ENTHUSIA - Professional Racing uses a new technology called the Visual Gravity System (VGS) to convey a true sense of G-force while manoeuvring at breakneck speeds. This is a killer first for any racing game, and brings you closer than ever to the thrills experienced by racing drivers.

A powerful car in motion can be awe inspiring, as the driver taunts the laws of physics to maximise performance. ENTHUSIA features true-to-life physics to further make it all feel real. As you race, on-the-fly telemetry info is fed back to you, detailing tire and engine performance among other crucial data. And with variable weather conditions you'll soon respect how true-to-life physics factor into your game.

The ENTHUSIA experience is expanded to included hundreds of cars from 40 famous manufacturers, and lets you race on real tracks from around the world - plus some of Konami's gruelling fictitious ones for extra challenge. If you really want to sup up your car, ENTHUSIA's stage-based tuning allows for personalised car upgrades, but skilled driving always remains the key.

Approachable gameplay for novice drivers yet challenging for experts, ENTHUSIA - Professional Racing is a racing game that will appeal to players of all levels.


  • Pressure sensitive control, allowing players to "feather" the gas and brake

  • Compatible with PlayStation 2 driving wheels, including the Logitech GT Force

  • Dynamics that have never been achieved in existing simulation racing games

  • Data from a Le Mans 24 Hour winning race car, pushed to its performance limits