Coulrophobia: noun - extreme or irrational fear of clowns.

About the game:
ENDURE: Coulrophobia is a puzzle-based horror game revolving around the fear of clowns, the game uses the core triggers of Coulrophobia and interweaves them into the gameplay to create an immersive nightmarish experience.

WARNING: If you suffer from Coulrophobia, you may find the events within the game disturbing. Player discretion is advised.

Children continue to disappear under mysterious circumstances, no witnesses, no evidence, no sign of them anywhere, 13 and counting.
Receiving a call just after midnight regarding a noise complaint at the now derelict ‘Cirque Du Peur’ circus grounds, police officer Michael Reid is sent in to investigate the complaints. Only recently returning to work Mike, still mourning the passing of his son reluctantly accepts the call, knowing he has a severe case of Coulrophobia.
Follow Mike as his investigation unfurls into his worst nightmare, solve puzzles, uncover clues and navigate through each of the peculiar attractions at ‘Cirque Du Peur’.
Can you uncover the mystery behind the disappearances?
Will they let you leave alive?