The Elite Units of the East DLC for Empire: Total War adds 12 new elite units to the Maratha and Ottoman factions of Empire: Total War. Empire: Total War expands further East than any previous Total War game and this Downloadable Content includes the very best units from the Eastern lands. Most of these soldiers' expertise developed on the battlefield - some are fearsome brigands , others of them are drawn from a strong academic background, learned warriors. They will provide a vast array of tactical options: intimidating and cowing your enemies.

Haydut Irregulars (Ottoman Empire)

Wallachian Boyars (Ottoman Empire)

Bosnian Panduks (Ottoman Empire)

Circassian Armoured Cavalry (Ottoman Empire)

Armenian Archers (Ottoman Empire)

Libyan Kuloglu (Ottoman Empire)

Palestinian Auxiliaries (Ottoman Empire)

Cairo Janissaries (Ottoman Empire)

Mounted Nizam-I-Cedit (Ottoman Empire)

Rajput Zamindars (Maratha)

Poligars (Maratha)

Barawardi (Maratha)