Elliot and the Musical Journey is a classic 3D platformer filled with music and puzzles.

Elliot is a small gnome living in a colorful, music-filled and happy gnome land with their peaceful Queen Adeline. One day Elliot wakes up and everything has changed.

The Evil Skeleton King has stolen the music from the world and without it the world is dying. You are the only one who can revive the symphony barren lands by playing remedial melodies with your flute, collecting runaway notes and stolen instruments, beating the mischievous bosses and releasing your friends from captivity.

Can you save your friends, the Queen and the whole world?

  • Music themed levels
  • Classic platforming
  • Puzzles
  • Dynamic flute playing
  • Collecting notes and instruments
  • Chatting with caught friends
  • Avoiding enemies
  • Defeating bosses
  • Original soundtrack
  • Auto-saving system


Elliot and the Musical Journey is a 4 month game project by students of Ahlman Institute.
The game was developed as a collaboration by students of both game technology and visual game design.


Pauli Kiuru / Project Lead / Programmer / Music
Kati Paavilainen / Art Lead
Jukka Palomäki / Steam Lead / Programmer / Music
Tomi Kankaanpää / Code Lead

Antton Teräs / Artist
Heikki Äijälä / Programmer
Katariina Martikainen / Artist
Mira Salokatve / Artist
Roope Lehkonen / Artist
Saku Remahl / Artist
Siiri Syvänen / Artist
Teemu Ikäheimo / Programmer

Antti Leinonen
Risto Koskenkorva